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Core-Plus Mathematics is a four-year curriculum that replaces the traditional Algebra-Geometry-Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry-Precalculus sequence. Each course features interwoven strands of algebra and functions, statistics and probability, geometry and trigonometry, and discrete mathematics. The first three courses in the series provide a common core of broadly useful mathematics for all students. They were developed to prepare students for success in college, in careers, and in daily life in contemporary society. Course 4: Preparation for Calculus continues the preparation of students interested in mathematics and science college programs. It formalizes and extends important mathematical ideas drawn from all four strands, with a focus on the mathematics needed to be successful in college mathematics and statistics courses. The Core-Plus Mathematics development team members have completed design, development, field testing, and refinement of a new, innovative fourth-year course, Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics, for college-bound students whose intended program of study does not include calculus.

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   • Implementing Core-Plus Mathematics
   • A detailed CCSS Guide to Core-Plus
, available from McGraw-Hill
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   • Unit Descriptions and Topics (284 KB)
   • Courses 1–3 and Course 4: Preparation for
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"The Core-Plus Mathematics series offers challenging problems with real-life contexts that engage students and provide an excellent structure for connecting key mathematical ideas. The materials are also supportive in promoting meaningful student discourse that helps build strong conceptual understandings, especially as students move from informal to more abstract ideas."

Dave Schoenhals
Math Instructional Coordinator
Aurora Public Schools
Aurora, Colorado


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