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Sequence of Units in the CPMP
Four-year Program

The chart below provides titles of the units. Some units contain math content from more than one of the four areas: algebra and functions, statistics and probability, geometry and trigonometry, and discrete mathematics. For example, Course 2 Unit 2, Matrix Methods, is mainly considered a discrete mathematics unit, but it also contains algebra content. Unit Descriptions and Topics (PDF 159 KB) provides more detailed descriptions of each 2nd Edition unit and the topics covered.

Algebra &
Geometry &
Statistics &
Course 1
Unit 1  Patterns of Change  Patterns of Change  Patterns of Change  
Unit 2     Patterns in Data  
Unit 3 Linear Functions   Linear Functions  
Unit 4       Vertex-Edge Graphs
Unit 5 Exponential Functions      
Unit 6   Patterns in Shape    
Unit 7 Quadratic Functions      
Unit 8     Patterns in Chance  
Course 2
Unit 1 Functions, Equations,
and Systems
Unit 2 Matrix Methods     Matrix Methods
Unit 3 Coordinate Methods Coordinate Methods    
Unit 4     Regression
and Correlation
Unit 5 Nonlinear Functions
and Equations
Unit 6       Network Optimization
Unit 7 Trigonometric Methods Trigonometric Methods    
Unit 8     Probability Distributions  
Course 3
Unit 1 Reasoning and Proof Reasoning and Proof Reasoning and Proof Reasoning and Proof
Unit 2 Inequalities and
Linear Programming
Unit 3   Similarity and Congruence    
Unit 4     Samples and Variation  
Unit 5 Polynomial and
Rational Functions
Unit 6   Circles and
Circular Functions
Unit 7       Recursion and Iteration
Unit 8 Inverse Functions Inverse Functions    
Course 4
Unit 1 Families of Functions Families of Functions    
Unit 2 Vectors and Motion Vectors and Motion    
Unit 3 Algebraic Functions
and Equations
Unit 4 Trigonometric Functions
and Equations
Trigonometric Functions
and Equations
Unit 5 Exponential Functions,
Logarithms, and
Data Modeling
  Exponential Functions,
Logarithms, and
Data Modeling
Unit 6 Surfaces and
Cross Sections
Surfaces and
Cross Sections
Unit 7 Concepts of Calculus      
Unit 8 Counting Methods
and Induction
  Counting Methods
and Induction
Counting Methods
and Induction
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