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Course 3, Unit 6 - Circles and Circular Functions

This unit focuses on the consequences of the complete symmetry of circles. The unit extends student understanding of proof in geometric settings and broadens their understanding of application of important geometric and trigonometric concepts.

New Key Ideas from Course 3, Unit 6

  • Properties of a line tangent to a circle, central angels, chords, arcs, and radii of a circle: (See pages 396-407.)

  • Angular velocity: the rate at which a rotating object such as a pulley, sprocket, or a drive shaft turns (See page 421.)

  • Linear velocity: the distance that a point on a revolving circle moves in a unit of time (See page 421.)

  • Radian: a unit which is defined as the measure of a central angle of a circle that intercepts an arc equal in length to the radius of the circle. 1 radian = 180°/π which is approximately 57.2958°. (See pages 427-432.)

  • Modeling circular motion: using the sine or cosine functions (See pages 425-427 and 432-437.)

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