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Helping Your Student

Parents Role
It is important to collaborate with your student's teacher to determine the particular assistance needed by your student. This Web site provides general guidance and some specific resources for understanding mathematical concepts and homework tasks. In some cases, you may be learning new mathematics or how to use technology along with your student.

Helping with Homework (includes Spanish resources)
This page provides a comparison of Core-Plus Mathematics homework assignments with those with which you might be more familiar, a list of general questions to guide your assistance, advice on using student class notes and Math Toolkit, Courses 1-3 unit overviews, solutions to the unit Summarize the Mathematics questions from the student text, and solutions to selected homework tasks for each lesson.

Preparing for Tests
This page includes suggestions related to preparing for quizzes and tests as well as standardized tests such as those administered by states and the SAT or ACT.

Preparing for College
This page includes course-taking suggestions, possible acceleration paths offered by CPMP schools, and advice on preparation for college placement tests.

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