Glimpses Into Core-Plus Mathematics Classrooms

These short video clips allow viewers to listen to student thinking and to observe how teachers facilitate student learning, relying on formative assessment to guide teaching decisions. We wish to thank the teachers, the students, and their parents for providing the public permission to display the videos. These video clips may be used as the basis for professional development activities.

If you would like to download individual clips, use the following links:


Core-Plus Mathematics Course 1
Unit 3, Linear Functions
Lesson 1, Modeling Linear Relationships
Investigation 3, Fitting Lines (p. 165)


Core-Plus Mathematics Course 2
Unit 2, Coordinate Methods
Lesson 1, A Coordinate Model of a Plane
Investigation 1, Representing Geometric Ideas with Coordinates (p. 168, Problem 9)


Core-Plus Mathematics: Preparation for Calculus
Unit 6, Surfaces and Cross Sections
Lesson 2, Equations for Surfaces
Investigation 4, Surfaces of Revolution and Cylindrical Surfaces (pp. 447–448)


Class Summary of student thinking on surfaces of revolution. See Clip 3 for selected student conversations prior to this whole class discussion.

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