Core-Plus Mathematics CCSS Edition

The CCSS edition of this award-winning, Standards-based high school mathematics program has been informed by research on the program's effectiveness, including a five-year longitudinal study, and by extensive feedback from teachers using 1st and 2nd edition Core-Plus Mathematics. Over the last 22 years, the curriculum has been systematically revised and updated in response to changing national standards for high school mathematics, reports from program users across the country and internationally, advances in technology and the most recent research on student learning.

Work on the CCSS edition was guided by an international advisory board of mathematicians and mathematics educators. A distinguishing feature of the research and development process is active engagement of university mathematicians and statisticians in the design and review of revised units for each course.

Advisory Board
Diane Briars (formerly)
    Pittsburgh Public Schools
  Deborah Hughes Hallet
    University of Arizona
Jeremy Kilpatrick
    University of Georgia
  Stephen Maurer
    Swarthmore College
Robert Megginson
    University of Michigan
  William McCallum
    University of Arizona
Kenneth Ruthven
    Cambridge University
  Doris Schattschneider
    Moravian College
David Smith
    Duke University
  Richard Scheaffer
    University of Florida
Norm Webb
    University of Wisconsin, Madison

Following a year of research and development, each revised course was field tested in urban, suburban, and rural schools. Based on formative evaluation, units were refined and then field tested the following year in an expanded set of schools. See the detailed timeline of the curriculum design, development, and evaluation for more information.

Redesigned and enhanced features of the CCSS edition student, teacher, and assessment materials reflect the benefits of multi-year testing of each of the courses.

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