Core-Plus Mathematics CCSS Edition
Implementing Core-Plus Mathematics

Table of Contents

The Core-Plus Mathematics Project
Table of Contents
Development Team

The Core-Plus Mathematics Program
     An International-like Program
     Mathematical Modeling
     Access and Challenge
     Active Learning
     Multi-dimensional Assessment
Overview of the Curriculum
     Integrated Mathematics
     Mathematical Modeling:
        The Core of Core-Plus Mathematics
     Courses 1–3
     Course 4 Options
     Units and Descriptions
Curriculum Adoption: Advice and Tools
     Recommendations From the Field
     Curriculum Analysis Tools
     Piloting Considerations

Guides are available from
McGraw-Hill Education.

To assist students in developing collaboration skills, you may wish to use the Dysfunctional Group Skit developed by Will Whitmore.

District Considerations Prior to Implementation
Initial Considerations
     Building a Strong Foundation
     A Word of Caution: Fourth-Year Mathematics Courses
Local Mathematics Program Evaluation
Communicating with Parents

     Sample Parent Letter: Units 1–2
     Units 3–8 Content Overviews
     Other Possible Topics for Parent Letters
College Admissions
     Titles of Courses
     NCAA Eligibility
     Selective National Colleges and Universities

Classroom Implementation
Instructional Model
     LAUNCH class discussion
     EXPLORE collaborative group investigation
     SHARE AND SUMMARIZE class discussion
     SELF-ASSESSMENT individual tasks
Planning for Instruction
     Planning Guide
     Orchestrating Lessons
Instructional Decisions
     Pacing Considerations
     Active Learning and Collaborative Work
     Equity and Access for All Students
     Formative and Summative Assessments
     Tips on Student Work and Writing

Evaluation and Research Findings
Key Research Findings 1992–2015
     College Readiness Indicators
     Performance Trends
     Content and Pedagogical Analyses of Core-Plus Mathematics
     Meta-Evaluation Studies of Core-Plus Mathematics
     Selected References

Additional Resources
     Professional Development
     Books, Articles, and Online Resources

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