Core-Plus Mathematics CCSS Edition

Key Features Include …

  • Strong alignment with both the CCSS mathematical practices and content expectations

  • Algebra and functions, geometry and trigonometry, along with statistics and probability each year within focused and coherent units with deliberate connections among the units

  • Problem-based, inquiry-oriented, and technology-rich

  • Real-world applications and mathematical modeling provide contexts for developing and connecting the CCSS mathematical practices and content expectations on a daily basis

  • Student-centered investigations promoting active learning, teamwork, and communication

  • Integrated use of CPMP-Tools software and graphing calculators in each course

  • Careful development of reasoning, justification, and proof across the four courses

  • Geometric transformations, their representations, properties, and applications, integrated throughout Courses 1–4

  • Course 4, Preparation for Calculus, for STEM-oriented students

  • An alternative CCSS-oriented, fourth-year course, Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics, for college-bound students whose intended program of study does not require calculus

What Else is New?

  • Updated problem contexts and data sets

  • CCSS-oriented review and skill practice included in each homework set

  • An appendix in the student texts highlighting primary CCSS indicators addressed in each investigation of each course

  • Interactive digital versions of Courses 1–4 in addition to newly designed print versions

  • Expanded and enhanced Teacher's Guides include:

    • Unit openers providing guidance related to the CCSS and their implementation

    • A CCSS Pathway and a CPMP Pathway through each unit

    • A list of the CCSS indicators "focused on" and "connected to" for each lesson and for each investigation

    • Additional margin notes that support instruction, differentiation, and the use of CPMP-Tools and other technologies

    • Highlighted examples of problems and tasks that regularly engage students in the CCSS mathematical practices

  • Digital Teacher's Guides in addition to redesigned print versions

  • A detailed CCSS Guide to Core-Plus Mathematics, available from McGraw-Hill Education (ISBN 978-0-07-665814-5)

  • A revised and expanded Implementing Core-Plus Mathematics guide

  • Homework Hints and Solutions are available for selected On Your Own tasks

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