Geometry & Trigonometry Tools

Geometry and Trigonometry tools include an interactive drawing tool for constructing, measuring, manipulating, and transforming geometric figures, a simple object-oriented programming language for creating animation effects, and a set of custom apps for studying geometric models in 2D and 3D. Interactive Geometry can be launched in a synthetic, coordinate, or vector environment.



Measure & Calculate

Custom Apps

Explore the possibilities of dynamic geometry within a synthetic (non-coordinate) environment.

Click and drag to create and move objects with dynamic capabilities, select shapes to modify their properties.

Select an object and an attribute to be measured and use measurements in a Calculation.

Experiment with pre-designed sketches, animations, and dynamic figures, with support from on-screen prompts.




Program & Animate

Explore the possibilities of dynamic geometry within a coordinate environment.

Select an object(s) and a construction option for dynamic designs that always remain true.

Flip, turn, slide, and scale a drawn geometric object to a new location in the plane.

Execute a sequence of commands to define, draw, construct, and transform objects in the plane.




Save & Print

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Geometry & Trigonometry in A-Z order.

Listing of available commands with examples for Interactive Geometry.

Modify stylistic attributes of created objects.

CPMP-Tools (CPMP), Image (GIF), and Text (TXT) are file types.

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