CPMP-Tools® Data Sets
for 2nd Edition Core-Plus Mathematics

With the latest CCSS Edition of CPMP-Tools comes new and updated data sets. These differ in many cases from those in the Second Edition of CPMP-Tools. For access to the older data sets, download them here and then open the files in the latest version of CPMP-Tools.

Below, you will find three options: (1) a full-curriculum archive of all data sets in the four courses of Core-Plus Mathematics, (2) four by-course archives of those data sets, and (3) links to each data set individually organized by course and then unit.

Full-Curriculum Archive
This ZIP archive contains all of the data sets and spreadsheets that were available in the Second Edition of CPMP-Tools. Download the archive, uncompress it, and individually load files into the latest version of CPMP-Tools using that software's Open command. Alternatively, you may be able to double-click the individual files to launch them into CPMP-Tools directly.

By-Course Archives
Course 1 Data Sets
Course 2 Data Sets
Course 3 Data Sets
Course 4 Data Sets

Data Sets by Course and Unit
The data sets below are named and organized in the same order as within the CPMP-Tools Data menus for the Second Edition of Core-Plus Mathematics. They are not alphabetically listed, but instead are listed in sequential order based on their use within the texts. Also included are the examples found in Spreadsheet.

Unit 1
Major U.S. City Populations
Manatee Watercraft Mortalities
All Manatee Mortalities

Unit 2
Fast Food Nutrition
Best Actress
Hourly Compensation
Hourly Compensation - Historical
Min and Max Temperatures
Vertical Jumps
Number of Video Games
Ratings of Movie Showings
Fastest Growing Franchises
Blood Lead Levels
Heights of Young Adults
Achievement Test Scores
January Sunshine
Sunshine for All Months
Concord and Portland Precipitation
Number of Marriages
Study Time
US Population by Race
2000 State Motorcycle Statistics

Unit 3
Chicago Flight Data
Los Angeles Flight Alt. and Temp.
Riverdale Adventure Club
Cricket Chirps
Selected Fast Food
Median Income
Taking Chances
Men's 100m Run
Women's 100m Run
100 Meter Freestyle
Health and Nutrition

Unit 5
Dow Jones Averages
Voters in U.S. Elections
Cold Surgery
Surgery Time and Cost

Spreadsheet Examples
Whale Population
U.S. Population
Triangle Areas
Car Loan

Unit 4
Hamburger Nutrition
Compact Cars
Radioactive Waste Exposure
Horse Stride
Chicago White Sox
Baseball Averages
Marriage/Divorce Rates
Tree Age
Federal Minimum Wage
Seal Sizes
Cherry Tree Blooming
Crawling Age
Land Use

Spreadsheet Examples
Ohm's Law
Orange M&Ms
Unit 1
Smell Test
Penny Stacking
Plant Growth
Instructor Attributes
Baby Boys Walking

Unit 4
Certificate Perimeters
Nickel Weights
Dissolution Times
PSU Women's Heights
Los Angeles Rainfall
Right-Skewed Population
Apartment Temperatures
Manufactured Nails
Gas Mileage

Unit 5
U.S. Census
Leg and Stride Length
Free Fall Speed
Hamburger Nutrition II
Fertilizing Cost
Braking Road Test
Satellite Radio
Bacteria Growth I
Bacteria Growth II
Radiactive Isotope
U.S. Public Debt
AIDS Fatalities in the U.S.
Planet Orbits (mi)
Light Intensity
Orbits of Planets (km)
Sphere Radius and Surface Area
Ramp Time and Distance
Flight Data
Animal Brain and Body Weights
Cumulative AIDS Deaths
Applications Task 12
Connections Task 17
Sphere Surface Area and Volume
Connections Task 19
World Population
Ramp Height and Time
Car Skid Marks

Unit 6
NASA Pioneer
Equatorial Venus
Sample C4U6L1

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