Core-Plus Mathematics 2nd Edition

What's Retained? What's New?

Algebra and Functions
Key Retained Themes
What's New?
Emphasis on algebra as a practical modeling tool

Emphasis on multiple representations of algebraic concepts and principles - numeric, graphic, symbolic, and contextual

Connection of functions, equations, and inequalities
Accelerated introduction of symbol-based reasoning - including symbol manipulation and proof

Greater use of CAS to enhance concept development and support problem solving

More explicit development of symbol sense - connect algebraic forms to numeric, graphic, and context interpretations and implications

Earlier introduction of inverse functions and logarithms


Geometry and Trigonometry
Key Retained Themes
What's New?
Emphasis on visualization and visual reasoning

Focus on applications of geometry in design and building, including connections between form and function, and in modeling motion

Use of multiple methods - synthetic, coordinate, transformation, and vector
Reorganized development of key geometric ideas - congruence, properties of circles, trigonometric ratios and functions

Earlier and more careful development of geometric reasoning and proof

Increased use of coordinate representations and algebra to support geometric reasoning and problem solving

Use of new CPMP-Tools interactive geometry software to support discovery and application of properties of shapes and transformations


Statistics and Probability
Key Retained Themes
What's New?
Use of real data

Emphasis on distributions of data and of outcomes of probabilistic situations

Seeing, measuring, and interpreting variability in distributions
Exploratory data analysis material reduced

Earlier development of standard deviation

Earlier introduction to statistical reasoning

New CPMP-Tools software to support concept development and data analysis


Discrete Mathematics
Key Retained Themes
What's New?
Emphasis on discrete mathematical modeling using networks, recursion, matrices, and enumeration

Algorithmic problem solving

Closer tie between geometry and vertex-edge graphs

More work with algorithms available as choice

Streamlined treatment in Courses 1-3, more options in Course 4

New CPMP-Tools software support

Scope and Sequence of Mathematical Content (1.14 MB)
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