Core-Plus Mathematics 2nd Edition
Implementing Core-Plus Mathematics

Table of Contents

About the Core-Plus Mathematics Project
     Development Team
     Field-Test Sites

Curriculum Overview
     Integrated Mathematics
     Organization of the Curriculum
     Instructional Model
     Evaluation Results

Implementing the Curriculum
     Planning and Implementation
     Program Components
     Planning for Instruction
     Orchestrating Lessons
     Special Needs and English Language Learners

Managing Classroom Activities
     Pacing Considerations
     Active Learning and Collaborative Work
     Tips on Student Work and Writing

Communicating with Parents
     General Suggestions
     Sample Parent Information

College Admissions
     Titles of Courses
     NCAA Clearinghouse
     Selective National Universities

Guides (4.15 MB) are available from your
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ISBN: 978-0-07-893587-9

To assist students in developing collaboration skills, you may wish to use the Dysfunctional Group Skit developed by Will Whitmore.

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