Assessing what students know and are able to do is an integral part of the CPMP curriculum and instructional model.

Formative Assessment
Initially, as students pursue the investigations that comprise the curriculum, the teacher is able to informally assess student performance in terms of process, content, and disposition. (Sample Lesson) Feedback provided to students by teachers strengthens students' knowledge.

Group Assessment
At the end of each investigation, the Summarize the Mathematics and class discussion provide an opportunity for the teacher to assess the levels of understanding that the various groups of students have reached as they share and summarize their findings. Student notes, sometimes called Math Toolkits, are developed following Summarize the Mathematics discussions. See Parent Support: Using the Math Toolkit.

Individual Assessment
Check Your Understanding problem situations and tasks in the On Your Own (OYO) sets provide further opportunities to assess the level of understanding of each individual student.

Assessment Package
CPMP also provides an assessment package that contains:

  • end-of-lesson quizzes
  • end-of-unit assessments
    • in-class exam
    • take-home assessment tasks
  • extended projects
  • assessment tasks for semester and final exams

The assessments for Courses 1-4 are also available on CD-ROMs so that teachers can customize quizzes and exams. More information on assessment in Core-Plus Mathematics is in Implementing Core-Plus Mathematics on pages 54-59.

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