Core-Plus Mathematics 2nd Edition

Redesigned and Enhanced Features

  • Development of mathematics as an active science of patterns involving quantity and change, shape and motion, data and chance, and counting and algorithms

  • Courses organized around interwoven strands of

    • algebra and functions
    • geometry and trigonometry
    • statistics and probability
    • discrete mathematics
  • Mathematical strands developed in coherent, focused units connected by fundamental unifying ideas

  • Mathematics developed in context with an emphasis on applications and mathematical modeling

  • Student-centered investigations promote active learning through problem solving

  • Full and appropriate use of technology tools, including new CPMP-Tools® software for each course

  • Refined lesson structure

    • Streamlined lessons with focus question(s) at the beginning of each Investigation
    • Summarize the Mathematics feature at the end of each Investigation prompts student articulation of important mathematical principles and strategies
    • Each homework set now includes Review exercises designed to:
      • build proficiency with concepts and skills
      • provide just-in-time review
      • address possible prerequisite gaps
  • Student glossary

  • Expanded and enhanced Teacher's Guide

  • More powerful customizable assessment CD-ROM

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